My New Toy!

Been saving my nickels and dimes for quite a while now. I have been researching the prices on the net AND going to many guitar/music stores in the Taegu/Waegwan area. I bought Korean since I live here and the quality of workmanship is very good! (You can see the specs at the last pic posted here) The sound is beautiful and it just rings out. What a difference between this and my old guitar! And............isnt the abalone inlay just gorgeous???????

Bloglines or Google Reader?

If you are reading this blog via bloglines or google reader what you just recieved via your account was a figment of your very vivid imagination. lol.

Kidding kidding. Wrong post to wrong blog... =)

In front of the home we have a sewer and it is covered with a plastic cover. The cover is very lose and unstable. Looks innocent enough...

Friday night- it was late- I was walking across the grass (?) and stepped on the lip of the plastic. On the edge!

It is about four feet from the ground to the water. God only knows how deep it is.

Imagine to my horror when my leg went plummeting into this hole. Thank God I had managed to get my other foot on the other side and didnt fall in. But I went in past my knee as evidenced by the injuries on my leg. All weekend I have been thanking the Lord for His safety.

Oh yeah- my shoe is in there somewhere.....

First thing on the agenda is buy a sidewalk slab to cover that thing. Cheap flimsy plastic aint cuttin it. Something permanent is definitely in the works.

... Still Praising the Lord...