Hello all!

What a time I have had lately! I reformatted my compter and could not set my blogger account to English. Before it would sometimes revert to Korean and I could navigate through it pretty easily to change it back. No problem. This time I could not access Korean and so could not post. I finally figured it out today. I could not even leave comments on other people's blogs which was pretty frustrating.

I haven't done much stitching lately. I wanted to start this week, but life has had a way of passing me by. Hopefully this week- I can't believe it is Friday already.

Keep posted next week. I should be back. I have toyed with the idea of stopping blogging altogether but have made the decision to try and pull off a little stitching time- even if it is just a few minutes every week.

I have been really focusing on getting healthy and losing weight. I have lost about 13 pounds so far and am very excited. =) Unfortunately, the hobby of embroidery is sedentary and doesn't promote much activity. Bummer! ;)

Thanks for all of your kind comments. I apologize for not being able to answer them. I hope all is well with everyone!

Stay tuned!

Attention FW owners and CQers! Giveaway/Door Prize!

Julie sells Vintage Singer Featherweights and their attachments on ebay (I have purchased from her) and is offering a giveaway of zig zag attachments and cams for a 221 or 222, Vintage hand embroidery booklets and a pillowcase made from reproduction CQ cheater fabric trimmed with vintage hairpin lace.

There is a tiny catch- you have to tell of a story of how you came to crazy quilt or of a crazy quilt in your possesion as long as it is crazy quilt related! You can also send photos of your work or of your precious vintage CQ.

Please pass this along to any/all of your CQ friends.

Auction number 150102577789 on ebay



A Hair Raising Experience!

Check this out!

Anna Clifford was pulled over for drunk driving after police saw her vehicle weaving on the road. Was she truly drunk or was it wind resistance against her 18 inch mohawk syle 'do' while driving with her sunroof down?

And I thought I use alot of hair spray! ROFL!

Just an average ordinary day???

A scary thing happened to us yesterday. We were out and about and a lady who has come out to church invited us into her home. She speaks very little English and the same is true of our Korean. She showed us pictures of her son's marriage and of her beautiful granddaughter (who by the way is a doll!) She had brought us out something to drink which was grape juice and aloe water that is delicious. My husband drank the aloe water and commented to me that something was VERY wrong with that drink. He said his mouth was burning, his throat was burning and on down into his belly. Something was really wrong here. We left a few minutes later and by the time we got to the car on the ground floor he was clenching his stomach. By the time we got home (four minute drive) he was vomiting in the parking lot. Scary! He told me to go back to the ladies house and get the bottles that contained the drinks because we were going to the hospital. How do you diplomatically say your husband is at home puking his guts out after you gave him something bad to drink???? Not an easy task! Thoughts of the granddaughter pouring chemicals or bleach into the cup and winding down my husband's gullet crossed my mind.

After two hours at the hospital my husband's stomach was medicated, neutralized and back to normal. The ladies' husband called later that day to find out if everything was okay feeling pretty horrible about the whole situation. Definitely something that doesn't happen everyday.

Still Sparking...

I know it has been a while...

Still counting calories and focusing on being healthy and exercise. =) I know I fell off the wagon and just recently got back on. The scale has been slowly budging but results are better in the area of measurement. From the very beginning (when I originally started in December) I have lost a total of 12 inches.

I hope to get back to CQ soon... I do miss sitting down for a few minutes, relaxing and stitching.