Happy Reunion!

Last Monday I recieved a phone call out of the blue! It was my dear friend Sun Ae whom we met when we were first in Korea from 1994-1997. Wow! It had been over 11 years! What a wonderful surprise! When we first met she barely spoke English and I barely spoke Korean (still true!) We made arrangements and I traveled to where we could spend the day together. It was great fun! Once upon a time we would gesture and draw and have confounded looks of frustration in trying to communicate. Well, not anymore.... We had an awesome visit and I cherish her friendship!

Oldest Photos of Koreans

I have been meaning to post this forever ago. I simply love vintage photos and these are the oldest known photographs of Koreans. There are 6 thumbnails that will take you to 6 pics. Incredible! I love the Korean tiled roofs.