Holy of Holies

No pictures can be included here of the Holy of Holies. =) It is used for storage and completely in it's original state. You can enter for sacrifice if you tie pomegranites and bells to the bottom of your garment hem and tie a rope around your leg to be dragged out in case of emergency. lol

The Inner Court

The Outer Court

Our Sunday School rooms have new nicknames dubbed by our wonderful Sunday School Teacher Liz. The first room upon entry with the table has been bestowed the name the outer court.

Our landlord so kindly brought us an air conditioner/heater which took us by surprise. =)

We have dividers for the outer court to divide into smaller classes if need be...

Chomping at the Bit!

This is exciting! We've got signage as of about 6:30 pm tonight. Several ajumma's were walking by as they were finishing up and commenting 'How pretty!' I agree. =)

In Loving Memory of Iris

My sister Iris passed away on Saturday. Her daughter (my niece) had passed away last October and I dont think she could ever bear the tragedy of losing her only daughter. Her death was due to diabetes but in our heart of hearts we know it was because she died of a broken heart. If you could pray for my brother in law I would be grateful. I can't imagine the grief and sorrow of losing a daughter and then your wife in the short span of 8 months.
Don't take for granted what you have today... it could be gone tomorrow. Hug your family and friends and tell them how much you appreciate and love them.

Nearing the Finish Line!!!

Here are our latest pics. Who'd a thunk??? We are so thankful! DO scroll down and look at the before pics and you will be pleasantly surprised!

New Walls and Wallpaper and flooring...

A new ceiling and wiring for new lights soon to go up

The back room was recemented since it was cracking and crumbling...

A view from the window (streetside looking in)

Next up we have decal signage for the window and get it ready for this weekend

We appreciate your prayers!

More Progress

Dear friends have been working in the 90-100 degree heat with no air conditioning and we are so thankful for the labor that is going into our new Sunday School Rooms. New Walls and a new ceiling have been put in so far. New Windows will be put in soon. Today we are getting new wallpaper and flooring as you can see from the flooring on the picture to the right. Our opening is set for July 27th and it will be a BLAST! We have one more week in preparation! Nothing like a deadline to get everything moving! Keep us in your prayers!

Real Heroes!

Many people think of heroes as some legend of a person who has lived in the past... Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and Abraham Lincoln for instance. But there are heroes that are walking with us in everyday life in modern times. Those that have willingly enlisted in the Armed Forces and who have gone to Aghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi, Germany and Korea. They are our Fathers, brothers, uncles, sisters, and dear friends who have sacrificed and gone over to defend our freedom willingly risking even their life! It is to you that I say THANK YOU! Your sacrifice and service does not go unnoticed! Thank you for your love for our country and for preserving our Nation. You are truly our HEROES!

Trip to the Hospital

It was so busy in the lobby it was like a mall. For real.

Is that MOLD?????????????????

I am pretty daring. I'll try *nearly* anything....

My friend brought me some persimmons a while back. They were dried in the sun and were being sold in the streets and on trucks driving around the neighborhood. I bought some from the passing truck... They were good. No problem. I asked what the 'white stuff' on the outside is to my Korean friends Noone could really give me an answer but I had this nagging doubt that it was mold. For real. (I was actually thinking powdered sugar but it wasnt sweet) You can buy it with little specks or all over the dried persimmon. When I saw another friend (who was more fluent in English) I asked him and he confirmed me fear. Yupper... it is mold. You are probably looking at these pics wondering how in the world I CANNOT KNOW THAT IT ISN'T MOLD? Am I in denial or what??? Actually they are pretty good!

Typical Lunch

The place around the corner delivers food on a scooter. I call them on the phone and tell them the American PW wants Ohm Rice and they deliver it ten minutes later with a knock on the door. Comes with Egg Drop soup, black bean paste and where in the world is the Kimchi???