New Years Eve

I spent most of New Years Eve day in bed with the flu and haven't had time or energy to post. And then the cold weather is causing havoc with my throat. Hopefully it will run its course and I will be ready to go tomorrow since we are going to eat in Taegu at Outback.

Hope everyone has a safe New Year!

Taking the shirt off my back

I can't believe it. I am so dissapointed and I think I'm gonna cry. I had a boxful of clothing in our shed that were my 'skinny clothes' and we had brought them out since my weight is dropping. They were right outside my door and someone came and took them. I am dissapointed that someone else took them, but more dissapointed in myself for leaving them and not pulling them inside. They were there for just a few hours. I went to Taegu today, tried on some clothes and found that I had dropped two dress sizes and I was eager to try these clothes on again and start wearing my 'new' wardrobe. When I got home that is when I realized they are gone. The sad fact is that clothes in Korea for my size have to be specially made and aren't too cheap unless I find something in the PX which is pretty rare here in Korea. Where else can you find a 5'10 inch tall and 'wider' woman then most Koreans in this here part of the world???

I was rejoicing today and the fact they are gone has really put a damper on my celebration. But Praise the Lord. Two dress sizes aint nothing to balk at. =)

Trying to keep a positive outlook...

Twas the night before Jesus came...

Twas the night before Jesus came
and all through the house
Not a creature was praying,
not one in the house,
Their Bibles were lain
on the shelf without care
In hopes that Jesus
would not come there.

The children were dressing
to crawl into bed,
Not once ever kneeling
or bowing a head,
And Mom in her rocker
with babe on her lap
Was watching a Late Show
while I took a nap.

Then out of the East
there arose such a clatter,
I sprang to my feet
to see what was the matter.
Away to the window
I flew like a flash
Tore open the shutters
and threw up the sash!

When what to my wondering
eyes should appear?
But angels proclaiming
that Jesus was here!
With a light like the sun
sending forth a bright ray
I knew in a moment
this must be The Day!

The light of His face
made me cover my head
It was Jesus returning,
just like he had said!
And though I possessed
worldly wisdom and wealth,
I cried when I saw Him
in spite of myself.

In the Book of Life,
which He held in His hand
Was written the name
of every saved man!
He spoke not a word
as He searched for my name;
When He said, "It's not here"
my head hung in shame.

The people whose names
had been written with love
He gathered to take
to His Father above.
With those who were ready
He rose without sound
While all the rest
were left standing around.

I fell to my knees,
but it was too late;
I'd waited too long
and thus sealed my fate.
I stood and I cried
as they rose out of sight!
Oh, if only I had been ready this night!

In the words of this poem
the meaning is clear;
The coming of Jesus
is drawing near.
There's only one life,
and when comes the last call
We'll find that the Bible
was true after all.

Author Unknown

Fred and Vera's Pillow Cont'd

More close up pics from Fred and Vera's wedding pillow-

Fred and Vera's Pillow

More close ups-

The (Crazy) Quilters Last Will and Testament

This IS a joke, although I have told my husband that if anything ever happens to me, he should send my CQ stuff (including my featherweight sewing machine to Debbie... Where do you want YOUR CQ stash to go???

The Quilters Last Will & Testament*

I,Being of sound mind (a statement which does not bear close examination) ,____________ _________ _ do hereby record my last will and testament. Knowing
that ____________ ________, my ____________ _____ (husband, sister or friend) hasn't the least appreciation for, or for that matter, knowledge of my extensive fabric collection, which collection is suitably deposited in sundry places for safe keeping. Knowing also that ____________ _________ __ has already notified the local dumpster to pick up and dispose of the before-mentioned collection "willy-nilly" (the thought of which causes me a most severe case of hives). Therefore, I do will this collection and all other collections related to it, to my dear friend and fellow fabric preservationist, ____________ ________.

It is my wish that she/he, upon hearing of my death and obtaining clear
proof that I did not manage, although goodness knows I tried, to take it with me, would come to my home post haste, before the dumpster, and search out my collection which is similarly stored at her own abode. That she should rescue said collection and stack it in my quilting studio, along with my sewing machines, frames, old buttons, lace, patterns, quilts, dolls and works in progress. After she/he has done this, she/he should purchase refreshments for my friends not yet departed, which friends are also her/his friends, and every last bone shall be in that room and they shall hold a wake and say lovely and kind things about me until they run out and then they shall divide amongst themselves, by lot, my wonderful collection. I shall be hovering over that very
spot until this is done. ____________ _________ shall then quit this spot and close the door, leaving trivialities to those who do not understand.

This is my wish on the matter.

Signed: ____________ _________ _____

Date: ____________ ________

Notarized: ____________ _________ ___

Date: ____________ _______

* This is not a legal document

Spark People and Weight loss

I haven't posted regularly lately because I have been really trying to exercise daily and eat healthy. I am happy to report that I have lost 7 pounds and I am SO excited!

Many people go to weight watchers and pay alot of money but the same results can be achieved at Spark People.

Come on over and look around!

Getting Married in the Morning...

Fred and Vera are getting married this week and I sent this along with Fred for their wedding on Thursday. ( I don't know if she reads my blog and if she does my surprise is spoiled!) It was a round robin block that I turned into a small bridal pillow on Sunday (the day before he was flying to the States. It can be used as a ring bearer pillow, as seen in the photo and/or the silk ribbon that holds the ring can be removed and it can be used as a pillow. It measures almost 8 by 8. I will post close ups tomorrow.

I really like the way it turned out. I don't have the names of the ladies who worked on this block but would love to give credit. It was in the Sharon B round robin from about three years ago. If you worked on this a great big thank you goes to you! Please contact me and I will credit you!


Yesterday I put over 13,000 steps on my pedometer which left me exhausted today! Today I only did 6800. I am pleased to say that I have lost three pounds so far! Yippee!

I did join Spark People and it is a great source of inspiration to lose weight.

I do have more CQ pics to blog and will do so tomorrow.

See you then!

Jackie's Work on Debbie's 'In the Garden' Block

This is Jackie's work on Debbie's block from our In the Garden Round Robin over at CQS. Isn't her work stunning??? The frame is so tiny and Jackie put a little piece of fabric with a flower centered in the frame.

More pics tomorrow!

Chap Ssal Dok

Yummy- Today I bought some Chap Ssal Dok from a street vendor. You can hear him on a loudspeaker as he walks from one end of the busy street to the other selling the rice cakes. They are so delicious. They are very sticky and very gummy. Most Foreigners either love them or hate em- I love them especially when they are fresh and soft. My husband hates them and will not even TRY one! ??? In the center there is a bit of bean paste and they are rolled in confectionary sugar. Mmmmmmm... nice and gooey. Want to try one? =)

Learn to Tat from Georgia Seitz

These videos from Georgia Seitz are great and show exactly how to shuttle tat. It is nearly impossible to learn from a book (ask me how I know!!!) and these videos give a plain view on how to flip the knot on the working thread.

Check them out!

10,000 steps Shape Up America

Here is the link for the 'Shape Up America' 10,000 steps a day.

Back on the Walking Wagon

Well, today is officially day number one.

I know it is a bit early for a New Years Resolution, but today is the day I am officially walking. I have added a tickerfactory counter at the bottom of my blog which will count my steps made daily tallying up to a weekly count as I input them. I could have chosen a 'pounds lost' ticker and it would have chronicled that goal, but instead I am deciding to focus on the exercise and measurements instead of the pounds. They will come off as a result.

Will update later tonight.

Anyone want to join me?

New Links, Old Links, Dead Links

I am in the process of adding new blogs to the link section and taking away dead blog links. If a blog hasn't been active in the past month I am also removing it. I am not finished yet but will be shortly.

Please feel free to add me to your blog hop and/orlink. I would be greatly honored. How's that for self promotion??? =)


Take A Stitch Tuesday

Sharon at In a Minute Ago is promoting her Take A Stitch Tuesday which will start the first Tuesday of the New Year. The more the merrier so I am spreading the word so we can drum up as many participants as possible.

If you haven't stitched with Sharon, this is a great opportunity. She teaches over at (online) and is a wealth of information to us stitchers!

Come and join the fun!

Here is the link with all of the details on Sharon's site.

Little Bit 'o Tatting

I did a bit of tatting this weekend while driving (passenger seat of course) in the car. The container is an old plastic one that had lotion from the body shop- perfect size for four balls of pearl cotton in sized 8 and 12 and a tatting shuttle. When I do a motif in each color I switch the balls out with four different colors and do four more motifs. I am not the greatest tatter- can only do simple patterns and don't fancy to doing strips or long pieces. I seem to work better 'in the round'.

Homespun Christmas

I recently found these homespun ornaments and garlands that are so adorable for the Christmas holiday. Pop on over and take a look.

anna marie horner

hello my name is heather

rick rack yo you garland

felt yo yo's

My In the Garden block

Melissa has recently worked on my block for the Sisters round robin and it is absolutely stunning. Please hop on over and take a look. Her work is stunning and I can hardly believe it is mine.

Ain't it pretty?

December 7, 1941

It is December 8th here in Korea- and December 7th in the States. This morning found me thinking of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. We lived in Wahiawa, Hawaii for three years and were right next to Wheeler Army Airfield which is connected to Schofield Barracks. These two places are often left out in the retelling of the Pearl Harbor bombing account.

We lived right on a main thoroughfare of Wahiawa and one day there was a man, and what looked like to be his wife, looking at our house. We asked them if we could help them, and he had said that he had lived in our house when he was a kid. We invited him in, and he shared which room was his (our bathroom) which was his parents, how the home had changed due to remodeling, etc.

Then he told the story of Dec 7, 1942 while sitting in our living room.

It was a Sunday Morning and he remembered his family was getting ready for church. He heard some loud noises and he went to the living room window and he saw smoke in the vicinity of Wheeler Army Airfield. Unbeknownst to him the Airfield had already been bombed. He hopped on his bike and rode down the street towards what is now McDonald's. It was then he heard the planes- the second wave. Coming over Kole Kole pass ( a dip in the mountains) were Japanese Zero Bombers. They were strafing- flying low- and firing machine guns at the people that were in the streets. Some people were hit. He said the pilots were so low to the ground that he could ( no joke) see the gold in their teeth. He also said that one was flying so low it crashed and hit a telephone pole on the next street over.

On the sidewalks in Wahiawa, there are still pockmarks in the sidewalk from the firing.

Thank God for those who serve in our military and preserve our freedom.

Do hop over to Debbie's blog and see the tribute and news article for Daniel Morris. His testimony of faith is such an inspiration.

Following picture is of KoleKole Pass in the Waianae Mountain Range.

Old Friends

Yesterday in the mail I received a Priority Mail envelope stuffed to the gills with buttons. My dear friend Marie had sent them to me. We have been friends since 1986ish and were roommates in the Army. When she entered my 'world' I had my own room in the barracks and I wasn't too happy that someone was going to be encroaching on my space. =) Another friend had told me, 'Cheer up kiddo, she will probably become your best friend." Well, 20 years later we laugh at how I didn't want her to be my room mate.

(Is it kind of ironic that as I type this post the song 'Old Friends' is playing on my computer from the Gaither Homecoming CD.)

Old Friends, after all of these years, just old friends,,,
Through laughter and tears, Old friends
What a find! What a priceless treasure....
Old friends, like a rare piece of gold,
My old friends, makes it great to grow old, Old Friends
Through it all I will hold to old friends.

As time passes we know why God sends some people into our life to strengthen, inspire, and to enrich our lives!

Thank You Marie!

Archive- silk crazy

A few have asked me about my silk crazy and I had posted pics earlier this year. Here is the link to get there-

You have to scroll down. =)

Blogger Trouble and latest seam

I finally got a pic to upload- it is so strange because you can normally see the pic on the page where you can type the text by it but now instead of a pic you see text instead.

Anyway- I am glad it is working but a bit temperamental. I ended up clearing my cache AND uninstalling Mozilla then reinstalling. I don't know if it helped but the pics are showing up now and the toolbar also.

Here is a seam I did yesterday on the seam on the left. (the green featherstitch with the light salmon lazy daisy stitches.

Works in Slow Progress!

If you look to the left you can see I have joined the 'Works in Slow Progress' bandwagon. My goal is to have my silk crazy quilt done in 2007. I have more embellishing to do on the blocks done and need to add four more blocks and finish it up. I think I can do it if I put my mind to it. A worthy goal for the new year!

My in the Garden block so far

Is anyone having else trouble doing hyperlinks also? (linking to another blog or site without having to type out the whole url rather then having it highlited within the text?)

Here is my block over at Melissa's blog. I am speechless- it is so beautiful!

Our Heroes

Please take a look at Debbie's other blog. There is a tribute to Daniel Morris who was recently killed in Iraq by an IED. Thank God for those who are willing to defend and support our freedom with the greatest sacrifice- their lives. They are our heroes.

(For some reason blogger is not allowing me to do hyperlinks so you will have to cut and paste this into your browser. I apologize.)