A short walk from the home is an all you can eat bori-bap restaurant where you make your own bibimbap. They also have a hot line but I did not take a picture of it. =(

In the bottom of the bowl you put sesame oil, rice or barley (barley is better imho)various vegetables such as bean sprouts, lettuce, various Korean vegetables that I dont know the name of (if anyone can tell me the name of the brown veggie please do) and put a dollop of gochujang on the top. To eat it you mix it all up so the sesame oil and gochujang permeate every bite. Yum. One of my favorite foods.

This soup is called Denjang Chigae. Another one of my faves. Can you tell I am no respector of persons when it comes to food? =) Usually it is made with a seafood broth, vegetables such as zucchini, onion, green peppers sliced, soybean paste and tofu added for good measure. It is very delish and is a meal in itself with a serving of rice.

Eek! My mouth is watering!!!

If you want to learn how to make Korean foods please look up MaangChi on Youtube. Very sweet lady and will answer all questions too!