Grab your hanky~

I ran across this blog a few moments ago. His moniker is fatcyclist and his wife and he are fighting the last battle against his wifes cancer. I have read the last few posts and it is heart rending. Grab your hanky.

My New Tatting Friend

Gil Hye is my new friend and we met at a local quilt shop here in my small town. I showed her some of my tatted lace that I have been working on and she asked me if I could show her how to tat (with my very limited skills~) How can I NOT oblige???

We started on basic rings and now we are working on this simple ring bookmark. (top pink) This is Gil Hye's first join. =)

Gil Hye is very excited. =) It is very difficult to teach with the language barrier but she is a very quick learner and learned how to do a ring and the flip the first day. Way cool, eh?