Love and Hope Orphange

I have been visiting the Love and Hope Orphanage in Daegu. It is an orphanage with either (or both) mentally and physically handicapped children whose parents have given them up. Each and every one of these children are SO precious! Their eyes light up when we walk into the room to visit with them. Their faces are riveted when we read to them. We love to play with them and simply hug and cuddle them. It is such a precious experience. Seriously, these kids are like little sponges absorbing any affection you will give them.

I don't know this little one's name but she is so pretty. On my first visit I caressed her face and told her how beautiful she is. She promptly nodded her head no. I continued to tell her how pretty she was as she emphatically nodded "no" each time I told her. Finally she stopped saying no. I just pray that she can realize that she is beautiful in God's sight and in mine.

This is 11 year old Sang Woo. He is such a cutie with his infectious smile and wonderful personality. Today he sat on my lap and hugged me. As I hugged him he was full of giggles and wiggles! As I patted his back he patted mine too.

Content and Happy. I call him Smiley because that is what he does best. When we arrived at the orphange today I sat down a good distance away from him. He is unable to walk (as most of the kids are in this area of the orphange) so he ROLLS across the floor to come and visit with me. =) What a doll!

More pics to come and video too. It is truly a blessing to be able to visit these little ones. Your prayers are coveted for these dear children.