In Loving Memory of my Mother...

My Dear Mother passed away today and she will be missed greatly. There is a hole in my heart that will never go away and that no one can ever replace.

Living in Germany during World War II brought many hardships to her life. She was a survivor. She lived on the streets scavenging for food to survive. She was put in a camp for children and seperated from her father who was also put in a camp. She yearned for freedom and came to America for a new beginning. She loved her adopted country and welcomed the troops home from the Persian Gulf waving a flag on the side of the road as they came home.

I was her youngest child and remember fondly how she would take my chin in her hand and tell me, "You will always be my baby no matter how old you are." As Alzheimers disease was eating her mind I sat next to her weeping. Her hands waived in frustration and then her hand came up to my chin and she said, "Don't cry." Those were the last words I heard her say. I believe she did that in a moment of clarity.

I will always be your baby Mom! And you will always be mine. I love you with all my heart.

What I've been up to... tatting!

Last month- hard to believe that it has been THAT long i was able to meet Sherry which was a real treat! I definitely needed a refresher course on split rings since I had forgotten what Melissa had shown me previously. (My memory and noone else!) THANKS SO MUCH SHERRY! I look forward to our next visit!

This is the first round of a bookmark for a gift for a friend. The pattern is here. This is done in size 12 pearl cotton (or was it tatting thread?) About the same size thickness I believe.

I pulled out the BIG threads yesterday and did my first floating rings thanks to Melissa's video on youtube! Not the greatest but definitely a start!

This was some experimenting I did after seeing this split ring medallion over at Lisa Trumble's site here. I was trying to do the split rings with the dead spider method instead of flipping the thread around the left hand so it was all experimental for me!

I did this the day after meeting Sherry and my split rings are looking pretty good if I do say so myself!!!