Merry Christmas!

Excitement is building as we prepare for our Children's Church doing a Nativity Play.
Here are the pics before all the action takes place... will update soon!
I have to laugh because the provender is not 'straw or hay' but it is (tee hee) leftover stubble from the rice harvest here in Korea.

Merry Christmas to all! Jesus is the reason for the Season!!!

Land of the Morning Calm

I took these this past summer and have wanted to upload them for a long LONG time. This was at a rest stop when I took the bus to Pyeongtaek. Pretty, eh?

Have slide will travel...

I have seen these slides coming out of some daycares in Korea and always thought they were for the kids to exit. Imagine my surprise when I found this and this. They are emergency exits and would you take a look at the INCLINE of these slides??? Incline? Incline???? I marvel! I truly marvel!