Chin Hae and Cherry Blossoms~

Happy Anniversary!!!

Our anniversary is the 19th of this month (which falls on a Sunday) so we celebrated today by driving to Taegu to a lovely little French Mediterranean restaurant called Dijon.

Our menu consisted of:
French Bread with a Vinaigrette/Olive Oil dip
Escargot Cream Soup
Roasted Stuffed Chicken Breast with Mushroom Duxelle and curried rice in Coconut Butter Sauce

We didnt order the soup but it came with the meal so, of course I had to try it. How often do I get the opportunity???? It was good and I can at least say that I have had escargot. It really did taste like chicken- but very very tender.

With French Music playing in the background hubby gave me his best serenade of 'Volare' (ISN'T that ITALIAN???) and he gave his best shot at speaking French that he possibly could muster up including and limited to: "Parles Vous Francais?', "French Fries", "Au Jus", and "Monsier". Oh- and "Pepe Le Pugh" We can't forget THAT, now can we??? =)

We strolled around- it was a beautiful day- and happened upon some lovebirds. (Awwww!)

Last but not least he bought me a hair clip that I had fancied a while back at a small boutique.

Anyhow, it was a lovely day!

If you have read this far I am quite surprised... haha.... I have toyed with the idea of 'putting my blog to bed'. Not sure yet but giving it some thought. If I do decide to start another please leave a comment and subscribe to that comment so I can post the url if that is the way I decide to go.

Thanks for stopping by after my pathetically long absence!!!