I'll fly away!

I wanted to thank everyone for the kind comments on my blog. I haven't been very consistent with blogging and it is so nice that you folks still drop by. =) (In the tone of Gomer Pyle- "Surprise Surprise!!!" =0 I haven't taken the time to thank each one individually and will do so now. THANKS!

I am sitting her in Seoul killing time on our layover from Taegu flying into Seattle. I have my embroidery to keep me occupied. Argh! I hate layovers!

Well, I have dropped over 30 pounds (since the latter part of March) when i REcommitted to a healthy diet and lifestyle at Sparkpeople.com. (Who HASN'T fell off the wagon??? lol) I have gone down three dress sizes and feel so much better about myself. I cannot say it was easy- at times it was difficult to try to squeeze in time to exercise to an already busy schedule but I can say it was truly worth every bead of sweat! I have about thirty more pounds to go and I know I can do it! It also is a great help to have a husband who is SO supportive!

See you folks when I get back!

Spot of Tea?

This is for our Pincushion Swap over at the Hand Embroidery Group. The center motif is from a piece of Korean hanbok silk that they use for the Korean traditional garments.

I hate doing things the last minute and this one was done just that way. Remind me to never work like this AGAIN! Nothing like a little fire to get me moving! I hope to have it in the mail tomorrow!

Seoul Station- the old and the new

When we lived in Korea last time the Old Seoul Station was the train station we used in the largest city in South Korea. It is a wonderful place. Built in 1925 and originally called Keijo Station and later renamed Seoul Station in 1947, it is a place of hustle and bustle and is a great place to people watch- that is, when you aren't running to catch a train. LOL . Lots of hawkers and evangelist greet you as you exit the train station. You can hear singing of gospel preachers and singers and pan pipers playing from different countries with lots of folks gathered around. I really love it. It has such a wonderful nostalgia to it.

And here is the new Seoul Station. I must admit I like the old better. They sit right next to each other. Old Seoul Station on the right and New Seoul Station on the right. I hope they never tear down the old.

How can I NOT resist? Great photo point, eh???