Diet, Exercise and My Pedometer!

I have done really great this week! On Monday I actually walked some 16,000 steps which is incredible for me! Tuesday I was exhausted so I didnt excercise! Wednesday and Thursday was met with 10,000 steps a day. Then yesterday I was changing modes from steps to miles and accidentally hit the reset button! I was SO mad at myself! Talk about frustrated! I will start fresh today for the remainder of the week.

Anyhoo- Great results are being seen so far coupled with eating a diet low in fat. Debbie and friends over at A Better Weigh have started blogging their dieting success.

Sera's Trip In Conclusion

I took quite a bit of time to post about Sera's trip to the United Arab Emirates. Please scroll down to the first post to read it in chronological order.

Looking at these pics, and if you are a Christian, I hope it gives you a burden for missions.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about Sera's trip. I know she reads this blog and please feel free to leave any comments to her. If you could see Sera in person- she is so very quiet and meek. But in this little lady is a woman who really has a desire to do something for the Lord. She is very faithful. This is her second missions trip- the first one was to Mongolia and she stayed amongst the Mongolians in yerts. She really is an inspiration!

Thank you Sera for allowing me to post pictures from your trip. I hope they bless others as they have blessed me!

The Baker's Home

The Baker- Cont'd

Here is a picture of the Baker at work at his bakery and a pic of the bakery itself.

The Baker

It isn't a strange thing... Sera and her group had originally planned on going to Afghanistan but their plans were thwarted. They really wanted to witness to Afghani's.

In Al Zarkaima they met a man who was from Afghanistan. I wish I could remember his name. He and his family invitedSera and her group into their home and they spent the night there. He is from Afghanistan and I don't think it is coincidence. I believe that God sent this group of Koreans wanting to spread the gospel, through all of the detours and troubles- to this man and his family in Al Zarkaima. God works in mysterious ways, doesn't he?

These are pics of his neighborhood and home. His home is the one with the 'open door'. Happenstance? No, I don't think so!

Go Ye Therefore!

Walking through the streets of Al Zarkaima, this Indian family invited Sera's group into their home. This dear lady prepared them food and gave them respite from the searing heat! Here is a pic of the one of them men passing out pamphlets written in Arabic.

Traveling to Al Zarkaima

Sera's group divided up into groups of four and each group would go to different parts of UAE. They wanted to get out of the city for evangelism. Al Zarkaima is about an hour and a half from Dubai. They walked through the neighborhoods passing out pamphlets and talking (as best as they could) to those who would welcome them in their home. They met many Afghanistanis, and Indians. When people invited them into their home they gave to them so freely, inviting them to stay to eat with the family. They were showed such great kindness.

Sera and her group prayed and wanted to be able to not go into a hotel or motel for the night. They wanted to be invited to sleep at the home's of people that they were evangelizing. (Talk about FAITH! )

One man invited them in and fed them. He was a muslim and did invite them to sleep at his home. As time passed, he changed his mind. I think he was weighing his options and was having a fierce battle in decicion. In the end he asked them to leave but I truly believe the seed was planted in his heart.

Shopping Mall in UAE!

Who could resist a trip to the local shopping mall? Check out those green and pink purses! CUTE!

Culture... My dear! it's all about culture! (VBG!)

More on Sera's Trip

I apologize for the break- things have been hectic lately. I wanted to blog about Sera's trip but didn't have the time that I thought it deserved until now... hopefully i will have it finished in the next day or two...

I never knew that UAE has many foreign workers and one of those people groups are from India. Many of them are Christians

The first pic is in the Korean church in UAE where Sera stayed. They have a service for Indians also. They are having worship service

Pic number two is the entry to the church. Everyone takes off their shoes before entering the church. The first thing I though of when I saw the shoes in the banister was that the walls were going to get dirty! =)

Pic three is the altar

Pic four is in the courtyard.

I love the last pic of the ladies in their native garments. Such bright colors and beautiful fabrics. Yes, you know what I am thinking... I would love to get my hands on one of those garments.... lol

New Blogger!

Angie over at has started a new blog. And an eloquent writer she is! Views from a Christian woman about Christianity, family life, food and fond memories. Who can ask for more???

Surrounded by Hearts!

Here are some of the hearts I have received in the mail for our exchange. We are swapping 6 to 8 inch finished edge hearts to use on a crazy quilt or tote or anything else that strikes our fancy. Aren't they pretty?

Repentant Passanger Returns Airline Blanket

I got a snicker out of reading this today. (VBG) Here is the direct link if you would rather go there-

Korean Air officials were surprised when they found that a thick pink envelope delivered to the carrier’s center at Incheon International Airport contained a checkered blanket of the kind provided to passengers on long-haul flights together with a letter. The sender was a man identified as Min from Cheongju, who recently traveled aboard Korean Air from Incheon to the Philippines and back.

On getting off the plane, Min wrote, he saw many passengers stuffing the blankets into their bags or simply carrying them off the plane and, assuming they were free, did the same. But once home, Min opened the wrapping and found a notice saying the blanket was the property of Korean Air. Feeling guilty, he decided to return it and apologize.

"The other people who were taking the blankets with them said it was included in the price of the ticket, so I took mine as well. I am very sorry," Min wrote. "Next time I have an opportunity, I will again fly Korean Air. Fly safely." Indeed, a message attached to the blanket reads, "PLEASE LEAVE ON THE SEAT AFTER USE KOREAN AIR."

However, each year more of the blankets go missing as many passengers either do not know or do not care. In 2001, 176,000 were lost, soaring to 300,000 in 2005, costing hundreds of millions of won. The blankets are light, warm, easy to carry and made from pure wool --making them a prime target for travelers who intend to go backpacking.

From time to time, there are passengers like Min who repent and return the blankets, but airline staff cannot check every passenger as they leave the plane. An airline staffer says, "When I was working in America, we had one Korean-American passenger whose child had left with the blanket on a trip back from Korea, but the woman returned it saying that was a way to educate her child.” He added, "It’s easy to say that it’s just one blanket, but we are grateful for the letter."

Sera's Trip- 4

Please scroll down to see the first three posts on Sera's trip to Afghanistan/ Dubai.

Sera had said that there are many different nationalities living in Dubai, including many Indian. How can I not resist posting some of these pics. I would love to get my hands on one of those garments in the first pic! The fabrics and glitz are beautiful.

More tomorrow!

Sera's Trip- 3

Here are some of the mosques that Sera encountered along her journey. I particularly like the photo of the woman walking down the street with the mosque in the background.