Delightfully Crazy

Thought I would share this link to Delightfully Crazy. What a wonderful Victorian Tassel Doll she has given a tute for.

Cutie Patootie!

The Ubiquitous Kimchee Pot!


We went to Pyeongtaek flower festival (just us gals) last Friday before our trip to Seoul. Good Fun! More flowers and pics to come!

Slower then a Turtle!

Here's more work on Jackie's block... I know I am slow. Super Slow! Possibly one more seam and then it is time to send it on.

More of Jackie's block

I did this seam a few days ago and really like the simplicity of it. =)

This is Melissa's work on the same block. Just Beautiful! There is so much work on this meandering motif!

I worked on this yesterday. Since Jackie's block has such a Victorian feel to it I think a fan fits perfect. I hope you like it Jackie. Your block is so beautiful!