Gypsy Purse Block

I pieced my Gypsy Purse block this week and wanted to post a pic before it gets embellished. In the hand embroidery group we are working on the Gypsy Purse together starting with an 8 inch block. The purse and pattern are by Lilla Levine and the link and pics can be found here-

The tone on tone silks used in the gypsy bags (minus the goldish paisley) are silks that I purchased here in Korea at Seo Mun market. They sell 'hanbok' fabric in the market. A hanbok is the traditional Korean garment usually worn to special events and holidays. The colors are luscious. I will post a pic of a hanbok tomorrow so you can see what it looks like.

The silk print was made using vintage dover books and the heat transfer method used by Pat Winter. There is no color to the print so I used my micron brown pen and colored over some of the lines.

I asked the hand embroidery group for any suggestions and I ask the same of any of you.

Stay tuned for more progress! =)


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  1. Hi Lillian - this is Lesa from CQForNewbies. I love your photo transfer using the heat method. I've used this a lot with photographs but love the look you got and will try it -- someday!