Land of The Morning Calm

Korea is traditionally known as the Land of the Morning Calm. What a beautiful country it is with its rugged mountains and green rice fields.

Last April, after the cold and harsh winter, the Cherry Blossoms appeared almost overnight and gave us a spectacular show. When the wind was blowing it was as if we were walking in the snow- without the cold. It really is beautiful.

This is right outside of the gate of Camp Carroll. It is an older part of Waegwan and has its own bit of charm.


  1. Oh Lillian, I'm so glad to see you blogging now! I hope you enjoy it. I love what you're sharing with us so far. The photos of Korea are beautiful! And of course, I can't get enough crazy quilting pics!

  2. Hello Lillian! May I have permission to save a copy of your blossom pictures! Pop over and look at my blog sometime :)

  3. this is amazing.... I lived in Korea .. right out side of Camp Carrol about 14 years ago and in your picture I found the building that I lived in!!!!!! tooo Cool R