Trip to Dong Ah Temple

In April I went to visit a Buddhist temple with a bunch of ladies- most are married to soldiers and contractors wives. We went to Dong Ah temple near Taegu to see the cherry blossoms. (We were told it was famous for that.) Upon arriving there wasn't a cherry blossom in site (and we learned there never was) but we were able to walk around the temple.

The first pic is one of my favorite pictures that I took while I have been here in Korea.

The second pic is of a Buddhist Monk. Okay- I am not one to miss a great photo opportunity lol! There was a British monk at Dong Ah who has been there for quite a while. I dont know why, but it seemed strange to me. I asked for his picture but he kindly refused me. =(
After his refusal I did the next best thing- asked a monk who was walking my way and these are the results!

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  1. LOL and he doesn't look happy about it either!