Feather Stitch Circle - clear pic

Wow! What a difference! Debbie sent an e mail telling me how to change the settings on my camera for close ups and what a difference! Thanks so much Debbie! Literally, a day late, but I am learning in the process! =)


  1. ahhhh - soooo pretty! Also - enjoyed the photos of the Korean group of ladies all gathered around you. Were you teaching, I assume?

  2. Can you tell us the settings you used to take the picture. I always have problems with my close up shots.


  3. Hi Karen,

    Debbie suggested that I find the gizmo/button/adjustment that causes a flower icon to appear. Pushing that/turning it on will allow you to take detailed close ups. It really made a difference, doesnt it? On my camera, I had the camera ready to take a pic and I have four arrows that point in all four directions. I hit the button facing east and the flower icon showed up. I am technologically challenged so I hope that helps.

  4. Lillian - I have to say, I feel I've been enlightened to an entirely new world with all the CQ blogs and people who do what you do! It's FASCINATING! My mother has a crazy quilt (which I hope to inherit) that was made by my Great-Grandma all out of taffeta (maybe some velvets). The backing I know is taffeta because if you're not careful, in the middle of the night you might end up cold... it EASILY slips off the bed!

  5. Hi,
    I made the featherd circle ...a pic is on my blog!

    thanks again!