More Pics from Dong Hwa Temple

From Top to Bottom:

1. I wish my camera could give the painted ceiling on the temple clarity. I have heard that there are special painters that only paint temples for a living. It is so brightly painted and beautiful. I am sure they have to repaint often since it is in very good condition. In days gone by, only temples are allowed to have the brightly colored paint.

2. Neat angle of the path leading to the main statue.

3. This is the Buddha statue that everyone prays to. I wondered what that 'thing' is under his left hand... turned out to be a wasps nest...

4. I found this one of the more interesting things... If anyone can shed more light on exactly what is the purpose I would appreciate it. In the main courtyard ( I really don't know what else to call it) there is a stone wall with nooks and crannies. In these rock shelves people had placed rocks and trinkets. Could it symbolize the prayers of the people?

5. Praying Buddhists. I visited the temple as purely a historic site. Many of you know (and might not know) that I am a Christian and that my husband is a pastor. The Buddhist followers were very devout in their praying/bowing (full bows to the ground from a standing position and touching their heads to the ground and standing from this position with no aid of the arms) consecutively hundreds of times. I must say, that I found the whole experience grieving to my soul. While there was great beauty in the scenery and great interest in the importance of Buddhism in Korea, I couldn't help but thinking that it is a man made statue of cement and my thoughts were continually thinking of Dagon falling to the floor at the feet of the Ark of the Covenant in the temple of Israel. While in the beginning of starting the blog, I had said that I would keep to my stitching and pics of Korean, but I find that it is difficult to not mention the reason for my living here in Korea and the focus of my life. How can I not mention my Lord and Saviour? I mention this not to berate anyone- that is not my purpose, but to share what the Lord has done in my life and what He can do for others- for you.


  1. Thanks for sharing the great photos throughout your blog of Korea. My mind went back to a time several years ago when you took me up to a temple in Tong Du Chon. It really was an eye-opening experience from a Christian perspective. :-) You were a great guide for us in Korea and I have great memories of that trip. :-)

  2. Are you missionaries there? I just read that you are a believer! I, too, am a strong believer. We had Nazarene Missionaries come for a visit not too long ago (last fall?) to our church - to share what is happening in China and how it correlates with Korea. Some VERY amazing things! Anyway, just noticed this about you. I'd love to know your story - how you got there, how long, etc... -April

  3. Hi Lillian - I'm enjoying your blog on crazy quilting and Korea, and must comment, having seen your picture and comments about the Buddhist believers (?) praying. I would have the exact same reaction - all of that... *activity*, and all of that discipline, going toward a relationship that will not stand the tests of time and eternity. Very sad, I agree.
    Deb, from the Featherweight group(s)