North Korean Missiles Launched

Last night, Kim Jong Il, the dictator of North Korea fired missiles into the Korean Sea (Sea of Japan). I don't think there is any irony that it was fired on American's Independance Day. When we lived here previously (1994-97) there was much tension between the two countries with North Korean spies bodies being found washed up on the East Shore and defections from North Korea to the South. I remember how thick the tension was since we lived up North by the DMZ (demilitarized zone) There were checkpoints with armed guards and air raid sirens were being tested weekly. There was a very real threat of war with many Americans leaving the country because of that threat.

The reports are conflicting right now- some say one missile was fired and others say three short range and one long range. Here are some links if you are interested-

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  1. This is extremely serious and dangerous behavior. If the long range missile was not aborted, let's make an assumption. Say, for instance, the U.S. determines it has a trajectory that will strike Hawaii. Let's also assume the U.S. missile defense system intercepts it and shoots it down.

    The president has to assume we are under attack. The president has to assume we're under nuclear attack. And the president has to respond because he cannot assume our nascent milssile defense system will be 100% reliable. He must assume that Kim Jong Il will attack again. Therefore, he must respond with a full retaliatory nuclear strike. He cannot jeopardize the lives of Americans in the future. He has to live up to his oath of office.

    Kim Jong Il may plunge this planet into a nuclear war. He doesn't understand the U.S. Americans can be a vicious and vengeful people when openly attacked. Remember what this country did in WWII.