Super Easy Sewing Caddy

I made this about 6 months ago and keep all of my stitching tools in it for easy use. So if you are wondering why it isn't pristine- it is because it gets used OFTEN! =)

I purchased a placemat in the United States and also some large freezer bags. I hand stitched the doiley's and the buttons in the center for decoration, although some of the placemats would be nice with no decoration. I staggered the freezer bags on both sides of the center of the placemat and sewed right down the middle through all layers of plastic. Depending on how many layers you have, you might want to put two pins to hold everything in place. I hand tacked a ribbon to keep my scissor available for easy use and voilla- easy and fast. You can add handles if you like-it would be easy to carry and look like a purse.

I have seen others make these for traveling bags to put shampoo and personal hygiene in them. You can also make them with small pot holders and small ziploc baggies for sewing kits. Makes a neat little gift for students or those away from home.


  1. That is such a cool idea. It's the first I've heard of using placemats, etc. WOW!

  2. great idea Lillian!.
    would make great little presents for sewing friends...which I have two coming up very soon.
    Thank you

  3. I never thought about sewing through Ziploc bags... very clever, you are, Lillian! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. I see a world wide trend here Lillian. I'm off to make one. I have all my threads for each project in baggies. I have to pick out colours in the daylight ( or it can all go horribly wrong). This is a great idea to keep them all in one place. THANKS! I love the doiley. It is very effective.

  5. Jo,

    They are so quick AND so functional. There are so many kinds of placemats available that you can choose from- funky,romantic, victorian, plain, whatever strikes your fancy.

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