More on Sera's Trip

I apologize for the break- things have been hectic lately. I wanted to blog about Sera's trip but didn't have the time that I thought it deserved until now... hopefully i will have it finished in the next day or two...

I never knew that UAE has many foreign workers and one of those people groups are from India. Many of them are Christians

The first pic is in the Korean church in UAE where Sera stayed. They have a service for Indians also. They are having worship service

Pic number two is the entry to the church. Everyone takes off their shoes before entering the church. The first thing I though of when I saw the shoes in the banister was that the walls were going to get dirty! =)

Pic three is the altar

Pic four is in the courtyard.

I love the last pic of the ladies in their native garments. Such bright colors and beautiful fabrics. Yes, you know what I am thinking... I would love to get my hands on one of those garments.... lol

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