Rice Fields

The rice fields are growing- they are thick and lush- especially after the two typhoons that recently passed through. Here are a few recent pics mostly across the street from our house. In the outskirts of town there are white birds that feed in the rice fields. I haven't seen one near our house. I think they are possibly cattle egrets? Not sure really. They are so pretty, especially in flight with their long legs. I hope to get some pics of them soon.


  1. Very interesting to see these ricefields.Really green.Another climate and another surrounding.
    Thanks for showing

  2. Good pictures! We passed a rice field in Texas, of all places, last spring, but I was so surprised, we were past before I could get a good picture. I love egrets, didn't know there were different kinds!

  3. I just love your scenic photos, Lillian... love it when you post these! Just so fascinating! (not that your sewing isn't fascinating, but you know what I mean) :)