Sera's trip to Afghanistan/ Dubai

Sera has so kindly given me photos of her trip to Dubai and is allowing me to share them here. I have tried to group the photos together by topic but am sure they are not perfect. Sera's English is wonderful, but we still have a bit of a language barrier. If there are any mistakes, they are solely mine! I might not have the whole story 100 percent correct, but you will have the gist of it.

If you recall , I had mentioned that after Sera had left for Afghanistan, my husband had heard on the Armed Force Radio Network (Paul Harvey) that there was a group of Korean Missionaries that were going to Afghanistan and that the Muslim Clerics were protesting their arrival. The clerics wanted the government to not allow them to come into the country and realizing that it was Sera's group we began to pray for them.

The next day we heard on the news that one of the men in the group had a grenade in his bag. This is what we heard reported on the news and yet the story is SO very different. Am I really surprised? No. I must digress a bit to explain-so please bear with me.

Korean storekeepers, labor workers, etc, often wear vests that have a netting on the front and also many pockets. Instead of carrying a handbag or tote, they can keep the cash and other valuables in a safe place- on their body. You have to understand how common it is for people to wear them over here. You see them everywhere. This kind of vest is what they found in one of the Korean men's bag. They did not find a grenade but this vest. I assume they thought it looked paramilitary. I have posted pics of these vests I took last Friday when I went to the market so you can see what they look like.

Sera's group was held at the airport at Singapore and they were not allowed to travel on to Afghanistan. All of their medical supplies and computer supplies that they were going to use for missions were taken from them. They decided to go to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates where there was a Korean mission and church. The first night of their arrival they slept in the sanctuary of the church and were moved to another building nearby

Please stay tuned! More pics to come!


  1. And don't you just wonder what happened to the supplies that were confiscated? Ha, ha.

  2. Well, God works all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose! You never know, He could have been protecting them from harm or maybe He had another plan for them in Dubai.