Traveling to Al Zarkaima

Sera's group divided up into groups of four and each group would go to different parts of UAE. They wanted to get out of the city for evangelism. Al Zarkaima is about an hour and a half from Dubai. They walked through the neighborhoods passing out pamphlets and talking (as best as they could) to those who would welcome them in their home. They met many Afghanistanis, and Indians. When people invited them into their home they gave to them so freely, inviting them to stay to eat with the family. They were showed such great kindness.

Sera and her group prayed and wanted to be able to not go into a hotel or motel for the night. They wanted to be invited to sleep at the home's of people that they were evangelizing. (Talk about FAITH! )

One man invited them in and fed them. He was a muslim and did invite them to sleep at his home. As time passed, he changed his mind. I think he was weighing his options and was having a fierce battle in decicion. In the end he asked them to leave but I truly believe the seed was planted in his heart.

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  1. Thank you Lillian for posting the pictures and report of Sera's trip. Having the courage to go out, hoping to be asked to stay in someone's home amazes me. Fear of the unknown, stranger danger, seems to be stronger in me than faith in a protecting Father. Your post has given me some food for thought.