Brenda's and my hearts

Brenda and I planned on swapping hearts when the Hand Emb List first started. There wasn't enough interest back then, so we postponed till a later date and could get morepeople involoved. She has kindly made this heart for me and I have made mine for her. Awww..... looking at her heart and comparing to mine makes mine pale in comparison. Hers is the pink "Poor Baby" heart and mine is the fushia, purple and lavender heart. I hope you like it Brenda.


  1. The hearts are different, but both are wonderful!

  2. Awwwwe Lillian! I feel the same way, but just the reverse! I love the heart and can't wait until it gets here!! I love the trim you put all the way around the heart, it really completes it for me. I wish I'd added some lace or something to the outer edge. But by that point, I did think I'd better quit! But! You know, as I'm looking at it now... the lace may've been okay.'s up to you now! I love my heart....You used my favorite colors---purple & pink! That put a smile on my face right away! And the stitching is just beautiful. Is that Oyster stitches on the right side? I don't know how to do those yet... I also love the way you pieced it together. It's beautiful Lillian. I can't wait for you to get home and send it off. I'm going to display it right here by my PC! TTYL, Brenda px Hope your having some fun...