Been back for a bit and am getting ready to move into our new place today. I can't sleep and have been up since about four thirty this morning.

Charlene has tagged me asking about five different unusual things about myself to promote the blogs I read regularly.

1. I was born three and a half months premature. I weighed in at 2 pounds one ounce and my weight dropped down to one pound nine ounces. Anyone looking at me would neverEVER guess this.... at five feet ten inches and a substantial weight(tee hee), I look anything but small, premature and scrawny. My father said they would put me in a shoebox for a crib and that I DID fit inside !

2. As a result of my premature birth, my eyes are underdeveloped. My glasses are coke bottle thick. yuck. Also, I was born with a crossed eye that where you could barely see the pupil of my eye. When i was two, I had surgery to correct it and when I am tired I can feel it crossing in of its own accord. However, I have alot to be thankful for as I do have my sight. =)

3. I eat french fries first. I hate cold french fries because they usually get hard. yuck.

4. I am fidgety. I usually have to be doing something... anything... I hate sitting idle. Whether it be reading a book, listening to something on my mp3 or stitching, I have to stay active. When my husband and I go somewhere in the car I take something with me. If I am on the train I am doing something. I love accomplishing things in those little snatches of time.

5. I always make my bed in the morning. Always. I hate to see it undone. It makes the room look so much cleaner and organized.

In return, I am tagging


  1. Wow, we have a lot in common.

    I eat my fries first for the very same reason! LOL

    I was not a premie, but I was what one doctor referred to as "coke bottle blind." :-( I was severely nearsighted with astigmatism, until six or seven years ago when I had corrective LASIK surgery. One of my eyes tends to float when I am tired or wired, but it is related to my thyroid problem.

    I also don't like idle hands...I read on the treadmill and stitch in front of the TV.

  2. Wow, I'm so amazed you grew from so tiny to 5'10"! I always have something to do in the truck when we are traveling. My grandmother's flower garden quilt has taken a backseat to the crazy quilting now!