When People Need You (and you don't even know it!)

I remember when we lived in Hawaii, I would see an elderly couple of about 80 years in our town. I would see them getting on the bus and walking around occasionally and I assumed they lived in our area. I was talking to a storekeeper who was a Christian, and she told me that one of the local churches in our town had 'sent them home' I was puzzled. I had seen them every so often and I assumed this WAS their home She had went on to explain to me that this couple had come to Hawaii on vacation. They were robbed of their possesions and were living down the street in a park!!! I had seen them over the span of many months, How terribly sad! How I wish I had spoken to them before!!!

Yesterday, I was walking and came across an aquaintance of my husband's. We stopped on the street and were talking about our town, local stores and, it seemed to me, nothing of great value. Today, he talked to my husband and told him how he was so glad I took the time to talk to him. He said that he has been going through quite a lot and was glad to have someone just to listen to him.

It got me to thinking... how many times have I not spoken to someone when I could/ should have. We never know the impact that our words ( or lack of words) have on others and their lives, no matter how trivial and common our words are. I don't want to be too absorbed in my world and circumstances where I cannot look out and see the needs of others around me.


  1. Amen, I had a similar experience like that yesterday. This woman called and was looking for a church and being a pastors wife and the only one home I took the call. She had recieved Christ in 1995 but says she has always been labelled a "fence" ("jumping back and forth"...her words) Christian and she went on to tell a story of much woe. Part of me wanted to just say I got to go I do not have time for this she is pouring over some deep stuff and...but the God part of me listened and by the time we were done she was jovial and her feet were pointed in the destination of Christian living. Yes it takes time but it is worth it.

    I really love the beautiful stuff displayed on this blog and the many other "Crazy Quilter" blogs. Thanks for the beauty ladies. Marie a non Crazy Quilter but an admirer of CQ. You go girls!!!

  2. Lillian, thank you for sharing your experience, it is good to be reminded of such a simple thing as listening to other and taking the time to visit.
    BRW, thanks for posting my block, I look forward to its arrival.

  3. Good reminder. We get so busy in our daily tasks, we forget to listen to the still small voice. You do beautiful stitchery, by the way.