In the Garden Round Robin - my block

This is my block for the In the Garden Round Robin. I love the colors and fabrics, but don't particularly like the piecing. I will send it on nonetheless and see what magic can be done with it.

I have to get this in the mail before the beginning of the week so am wanting to add a few items before it goes out.

I pulled out my drawer of lace appliques and here is the mountain (It is a SMALL drawer IMHO) that is at this very moment sitting on my bed. I have been auditioning various items.... Those of CQ obsession will completely understand this mountain currently in my bedroom but those who don't sew might think me a bit, er- uh obsessed. =) What can I say? I plead the fifth. Better get those appliques back at home in their drawer.


  1. Oh, you have a *lot* of lovely things there!

    So are you sending along some things you might like to have on the block somewhere, in addition to sending the block? BTW, I like the colors, and hte piecing looks fine to me.

  2. I can imagine that it will be a beautiful garden when it returns. Yes, you're one of the addicted, along with the rest of us. :-)

  3. OH Lillian! Your stash is a dream! I only have a handfull compared to that! I lookes yummy!
    Hey I think that cream crocheted doily heart would look nice in the area where all the little pices are. My oppinion would be it would help balance the area to the otherside where the bigger pieces are. Or the opposite and put it where the bigger pieces are to break them up.
    Can't be sure till I see it, but it's just a curious thought. I can envision it on the lower right side of the block at an angle too.
    LOL! Yeay our RR is starting!!!