Sharon B's Sampler Class

At the last minute, I enrolled in Sharon's online class offered at I took the first encrusted class and it was wonderful so I decided to take this one too.

Since I joined at the last minute, I don't have any linen I decided to use my crazy quilt.

I have never been fond of laced stitches so that is where I started. Am I satisfied? No not really. But here it is anyways, my first laced stitch. On Sharon's class notes with pics hers had a row of stem stitch on both sides. I didn't want to do this since I thought it would look too much like a border so I added the colonial knots instead.

Hopefully my next stitch will be much better. =)


  1. Lillian, I think the seam is great! You are too hard on yourself with your stitching!

  2. I like the seam with the knots. I like your colors, too.