Old Friends

Yesterday in the mail I received a Priority Mail envelope stuffed to the gills with buttons. My dear friend Marie had sent them to me. We have been friends since 1986ish and were roommates in the Army. When she entered my 'world' I had my own room in the barracks and I wasn't too happy that someone was going to be encroaching on my space. =) Another friend had told me, 'Cheer up kiddo, she will probably become your best friend." Well, 20 years later we laugh at how I didn't want her to be my room mate.

(Is it kind of ironic that as I type this post the song 'Old Friends' is playing on my computer from the Gaither Homecoming CD.)

Old Friends, after all of these years, just old friends,,,
Through laughter and tears, Old friends
What a find! What a priceless treasure....
Old friends, like a rare piece of gold,
My old friends, makes it great to grow old, Old Friends
Through it all I will hold to old friends.

As time passes we know why God sends some people into our life to strengthen, inspire, and to enrich our lives!

Thank You Marie!


  1. Wow, oh, wow! That must have seemed like a colorful stream of love pouring out of the envelope. What a good friend!

    I could relate to your story. That's exactly how I felt when a third roommate was assigned to the tiny room I already shared with another girl - and 40+ years later, *we* are still friends!

  2. Susan,

    Isn't it a sweet gesture?

    Ah- so you can relate to the room mate thing? Ha ha. =)

  3. What a great way to start your day! The really nice thing is not the gift, but the fact that she took the time for you, that she thought of you, that she misses you too.

  4. I know Gerry, isn't it great??? =)

  5. As you all now know I have known Lillian for more than twenty years and though we have been seperated by seas for the majority of them I still feel close. She is one of those rare human beings you feel at peace with. Sooo (tears welling up) when I saw that she did Crazy Quilting and how wonderful it was that you all are bound together through this craft and a love of our Savior I was overwhelmed. I wanted to add to her supplies and the buttons seemed befitting at the time. I just saw "vintage" buttons on ebay and just bid for them. I was going to wait to see her and give them to her so I could see her reaction but opportunity knocked (I bought that beautiful watch on ebay she blogged about recently.) and I just sent them much to her protest and that she wanted to give it to me. Sooo now you see she is really the blessing!!! I will cherish the watch as long as I live. Thanks to you all for being there for her and thanks for your wonderful blogs!!! Your admirer, Marie

    P.S. Your welcome Lil'

  6. I knew you two had a history, but now I know the rest of the story. That's sweet!