Embellished Tatting, etc

Sharon's new stitch for the TAST is the detached chain stitch also known as the lazy daisy. I did quite a bit of tatted motifs on the train a few weeks ago on our trip to Pyeongtaek to fellowship meeting. I was planning on leaving the tatting unembellished but then i began thinking... 'what if....' It looked plain before and I normally would have left it alone and I am glad for the challenge to try new things. I really like it now. =)

Also, I did the seam to the right of the embellished tatting in pearl cotton 12. This kind of seam embroderies is also one of my 'usual' favorites. Both motif and seams were done in pearl cotton 12


  1. What a great idea-tatting and stitches of this week.
    Have a nice time
    Ulla in the north of Sweden

  2. Oh I really love your chain stitches on the seam and around the motif. Great job and the colors are beautiful.


  3. Wow it's beautiful plain but even more lacy feeling embellished! I love it! I love those tatting flowers you make!
    Would you like to trade with me? I'm not sure what would be the equal of your gorgeous tatting but I've got lots of Dupioni silk and I could also create a SRE motif if you'd like. Let me know if you want to do that.

  4. I did a lace motif that way a few weeks ago, and I've been looking for something else that it would fit. This tatted piece is perfect! I'll have to look through my things to find one. And learn how to make my own!

  5. It looks so elegant. Very Nice!