More TAST Stitching- Debbie's block and basket blocks

I have quite a few favorite seam treatments and motifs that I love to stitch. This is one of them... Usually I double check to see if there are the same amount of feather stitches on the inside as there are on the outside and, would you believe. I didn't check on this one! I realized it as i was adding the 2 mm silk ribbon to the outside of the spokes. I had stitched about half of them, I didn't want to pull out the work, so I just left it, added an extra colonial knot and omitted a ribbon stitch to *try* and balance it out. Would you had noticed had I not said anything? (I am VERY curious!) This is from the basket blocks

This is another one of my favorite seam embroideries. I really love buttons and I love how these turn out. =) I used Carole Samples templates as a guide for the wavy line.

Taking Inspiration from the TAST, I added this herringbone combination. It is one of my favorite stitches. This is a bit blurry and if you look carefully you can see my water soluble pen where I marked for stitching. (not good- I need to take it off) I also added the five petal flowers above the swag made from 2mm ribbon. I have never tried 2mm ribbon before and I love it!

Close up view of basket block. I wanted to fill the basket up with some SRE flowers but the stitching area is so small and i didn't think it would look right. I added a lone sequin instead. More inspiration from Sharon's TAST challenge features the buttonhole stitch with flower sequins at the ends of every other stitch.


  1. I know with 2mm you think it will be tedious and then find out it ain't so bad after all! LOL
    I love everything so far! I think your lone sequin flower in your basket could use some friends! LOL How about doing some bead tryouts with different size beads who knows you might end up with a bead bouquet!

  2. I auditioned various lace flowers- but the working area is so small. The area left to embellish in the basket area is less then 1/4 inch on each side of the sequin! I was going to put a few more sequins on both sides but they won't fit! Talk about frustrating!

  3. Lil, if you hadn't said anything about the balance being off I would not have noticed as on curves I prefer one less on the inside curve than on the outside one. Love your button treatment.... I'll have to try that as I've not used too many buttons..... mostly they are teeny tiny ones. As to your basket..... why not not a tiny vine on each side of the flower and have it trail over the basket down the outside...... I'm surprised Melissa didn't suggest the vine since she loves doing them. Or you could put in a couple of French Knots or Colonial Knots - I forget which you prefer.

  4. I will have to think about that too Norma. Some greenery maybe in a fly stitch or feather stitch with some colonial knots might be good too. Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. I would have thought the vine was your intention to have mixed treatments. As for the basket with no space for flowers -- that's when it's good to be the first in the RR, but that's usually harder for me to get started! Your work is always beautiful.

  6. Hi Lillian,
    I would have never noticed your motif was 'off balance'....sometimes we can be to hard on ourselves.
    Seeing other suggestions for the basket, my thought was to perhaps put at little bit of stuffing inside the handle and then stitch on that to fill.
    All the work is beautiful, very pleasing. I want to touch, everything is so inviting.

  7. I had glanced it several times and didn't notice until you pointed it out in writing. I had to look for it even then. All these pics are so great. I love the basket with one sequin in it. That's perfect!