Before and After

The pic of this block isn't that great but I wanted to show my progress in my SRE. The first pic is of a block I made last year and the one from the last week. =)


  1. Hello!
    It is beautiful!
    I would like to ask you..what kind of ribbon did you use to make the pretty violet flower (upper pic, left upper corner)?

  2. Lil, the finished rose garland is wonderful the french knots and pearls add so much, really add that spark.

  3. Hi Virginia,

    The flowers are made from Mokuba ribbon and it is very thin. I did a gathering stitch on one side and tied a knot. They are darker on one side and lighter on the other. Depending on the look you want, you can gather on either side as you can see from the pic- it is the same ribbon with different shading in the flower.

    Thanks for the kind words!


  4. Your SRE is beautiful. You've done just a lovely job here. It's nice to see you 'working' again. LOL.