Getting Healthy with Spark People

It seems as if time has gone on ahead leaving me in the dust. There has been no time for stitching or much of anything else besides day to day stuff.

I am back on the wagon as far as dieting and exercise is concerned so that has taken up a chunk of my time. Spark People is an incredible aid in losing weight. It is similar to Weight Watchers but it is completely free and you don't have to buy specific foods for their program. You also don't have to buy a membership! If you sign up at SP, leave a comment on my blog with your e mail address and I will send you the link to my spark page.

I am trying to focus on consistency... to those around me I am constantly saying how I need to lose weight and I am off a diet, on a diet, off a diet etc and I am really sick and tired of those words coming out of my mouth. Did I mention how sick and tired of hearing those words come out of my mouth??? lol. It is so frustrating! I don't want to spend my adult lifetime overweight. So my goal for now is that I am trying to be consistent. =)

My consistancy comes in a few areas---

1- Watch what I eat. I am not forbidding any one food but I only want to eat a higher fat food if I have done good in the past. No more eating on 'credit' where I have to make up for it in the future. When I do that I usually give up.

2- Step at least 10,000 steps on my pedometer daily. That is my minimum goal. To hit 10K I have to actively do some exercise and/or go for a walk. For the past few days I have hit 15K. My all time record was 22K. I am so glad that spring has sprung!

I hope to post more this week for stitching. See you then!


  1. I think a friend of mine was into Spark at one time and she loved it. We had a lot of fun with you last week!!! Have a great day!

  2. Spark ROCKS! I'm Rnbowbyte there as well, stop by and say HI.

    I've been sparking for not quite 4 months and i have lost 22 pounds.

    Spark changed my life, and maybe even saved it!

    You can do it girl!