ITG Round Robin- Melissa's Block

The details in the first pic were done be Debbie. =) Sorry it's a little blurry.

Center area of block

I auditioned so many pieces of lace for this area of the block to balance the lace on the other corner of the block but nothing seemed to click. I tried this paisley motif and it just seemed to fit perfectly on the patch.

What can I say??? I love button/seam embroideries cause I think they look so 'vintagey'. The buttons on this seam ARE vintage- approximately 1930's or older. I bought them on the card and they are pretty small- about a quarter inch in diameter.

I hope you like your block as it is approaching its final journey home. I still have the olive green patch to work on and already have some ideas to play around with.


  1. Love it! How could I not! LOL I love the net lace! And your curvy seam with the buttons looks like it fits perfectly!

  2. What beautiful work! I am just taking the Encrusted Crazy Quilt class at and you are an inspiration! I enjoy your blog very much. Andrea in Minnesota

  3. Your curvy seams with buttons are your personal trademark! Don't you dare stop doing them! I just about drool over Jackie's SRE, dont' you? What a lovely block Melissa is going to have when it returns home!