Online and TAST

We have been offline so many times in the past ten days that I lost count. Talk about frustrating! Just when I was almost caught up with e mails etc, we lost service again.

I haven't done anything for the Cretan Stitch but have been doing stitches from past challenge weeks. This one was from the buttonhole. I really like this patch on my silk crazy.


  1. That patch looks great. I saw an 1800s applique quilt, Sunbonnet Sue, with all the applique stitches facing out that way. Different! Good to have you back online, and I hope you are feeling better these days.

  2. Good to hear from you, and to see you're working on your Silkie CQ!

  3. I like also this patch, very beautiful, and your buttonhole stitches are great.
    I love your work, so I added your blog in my blogroll, a large list of quilting and crazy blogs.