TAST and More Stitching

Leave it to me to not follow directions! I looked at all the wonderful examples that Sharon had on her blog for the TAST challenge and then went to stitching. The truth is I have never stitched the Algerian Eye Stitch or Eyelet Stitch so I should have went back for reference. So I am going to call this a variation. (It needs to be called something else because it doesnt resemble the stitch Sharon challenged us with!) But anyhoo, I still like the result. Now back to the drawing board. =)

I love to use buttons in seam treatments.

I still need to dye that stark white flower... hopefully soon,


  1. I love those oval buttons! Is that something that you found there in the market, too? Are you going to dye the flower right on the block, or is it not attached yet?

    I love the rose motif, and I think, even though it does cover a lot of the lace, the lace still makes a beautiful background for it. I don't know how you could have done it less densely. It seems like a perfect arrangement.

  2. Susan,

    I did find the buttons at the market. I love 'em cuz they are mother of pearl and the color is so creamy. I will see if there are any more.

    I haven't stitched down the rose motif down yet. I need to dye it STILL (I am slow lately!) and then sew it down.

    Thanks for the kind comments. I really like this last set of blocks.