Attention FW owners and CQers! Giveaway/Door Prize!

Julie sells Vintage Singer Featherweights and their attachments on ebay (I have purchased from her) and is offering a giveaway of zig zag attachments and cams for a 221 or 222, Vintage hand embroidery booklets and a pillowcase made from reproduction CQ cheater fabric trimmed with vintage hairpin lace.

There is a tiny catch- you have to tell of a story of how you came to crazy quilt or of a crazy quilt in your possesion as long as it is crazy quilt related! You can also send photos of your work or of your precious vintage CQ.

Please pass this along to any/all of your CQ friends.

Auction number 150102577789 on ebay


  1. I knew that was your handiwork on her latest comment.

  2. P.S. The link on your sidebar takes you to my 'old' blog (that got hijacked)... My new url is:

  3. Lillian - Where are you? I haven't seen you post in a long time. Just checking to see how your Crazy Quilting Embroidery is going. :) -April