More of Jackie's block

I did this seam a few days ago and really like the simplicity of it. =)

This is Melissa's work on the same block. Just Beautiful! There is so much work on this meandering motif!

I worked on this yesterday. Since Jackie's block has such a Victorian feel to it I think a fan fits perfect. I hope you like it Jackie. Your block is so beautiful!


  1. I love it! This is neat, you put a fan on my block, I'm also currently stitching a fan on your block too!! It's very pretty, thanks for such a beautiful keepsake!
    Jackie M.

  2. Your work is so lovely, Lil. The fan is beautiful -- sometimes simplicity is the greatest source of balance. Really pretty!!

  3. Ohhhh Lillian your stitching is so delicate looking and beautiful! So inspiring you are to us beginners! Thanks for sharing on your blog.

    Rose Anne

  4. I love the fan! That's another one I will copy. =) The block looks just beautiful.

  5. WoW!! Just Beautiful work, we can see this is a labor of Love for you, always wanted to ribbon embroidery, and Cq, one day.
    thanks for sharing your wonderful Art.

  6. I really miss seeing your gorgeous cq work. I'm referring a newbie to your blog.