Rain and a conversation at the market...

This is day ten of rain rain RAIN!!! The weather was at about a hundred degrees ten days ago and it has plunged to mid 70s and I am FREEZING!!!

I went downtown to buy a watermelon the other day. In the back of the ajeoshi's truck were different size watermelons with various prices. I pointed at one pile and asked, "How much are those?" Three thousand won he replied "How much are those?" Four thousand won". Then he looked at me without missing a beat- I kid you not- and asked me, "Do you have a husband???" It was hilariously funny. Where are husband's when you need 'em? Mine was in the car waiting for 'yours truly'.


  1. That's hilarious! Nice to know you are still attractive, eh? =) Did you buy a watermelon?

  2. Yes - you DO know me.
    I'm the one with the yellow Labrador that lived in the house with the barking dog and the crazy Landlords :)
    We left last year in June :)
    Cool that you've found me, grin :D!
    Hey, we can swap places for a day or two.
    I'm sick of the heat and the sun and no green ;)
    Talk to you later, Nicole :)

  3. Hey there,
    did you get my email he other day or did it end up in your spam folder?