In the Garden

Last year, Debbie, Jackie, Melissa and I did a round robin. Has it been THAT long? I believe it HAS- unbelievable but true! It was a special endeavor because we have all been real in life friends and online friends. The theme was 'In the Garden' taken from the Hymn of the same name. The theme name was to bring to mind a peaceful place where you can sit and commune with the Lord. Jackie has recently shared her finished block and how she has put it in a shadow box and it is beautiful. No- stunning is the word. What a precious keepsake Jackie has for her first round robin and I hope to see it in person!

You ladies are great friends and I appreciate you all!

If you would like to hear a great arrangement of the hymm (I dont know this gentleman but can he ever PLAY that piano!)then check this out. =)


  1. The tatting on your CQ block looks so beautiful. I just love Melissa, she's a sweetie.

  2. This is truly a beautiful block, every detail is so special and so inspiring. Now back for a even closer look.

  3. Hello from Norway:-)
    Lovely quilts
    Have a creative week :-))

  4. Ooh! That's really pretty! Love the framing and extras!