Lots of protests in Seoul, Daegu and Pusan due to the American beef Controversy. I was just at this location last week and walked into the Debec Dept Store.


  1. Hello, beautiful works, I'm a quilting teacher from Spain, could you put a translator in your blog?, Regards from Spain

  2. We got caught up in the Seoul protests...inadvertantly. DH and I started singing..."All we are give beef a chance..."
    I don't think that was me you saw...but we should definately make a tatting date.

  3. Hi Lil!
    Over on my blog you asked where that plastic round circle marker was from....the answer is:
    the auto parts store!
    ;-) Allie

    ps "All we are give beef a chance" is totally hysterical!

  4. Lil, I don't know! But I am going to take it into our local auto parts store today to find out. I will let you know...