Nearing the Finish Line!!!

Here are our latest pics. Who'd a thunk??? We are so thankful! DO scroll down and look at the before pics and you will be pleasantly surprised!

New Walls and Wallpaper and flooring...

A new ceiling and wiring for new lights soon to go up

The back room was recemented since it was cracking and crumbling...

A view from the window (streetside looking in)

Next up we have decal signage for the window and get it ready for this weekend

We appreciate your prayers!


  1. Wow you guys have really made it happen fast! Looks nice! Thanks for keeping us updated. I know you will be glad to get it filled with lots of kids! God bless you and continue to bless you and give you many children for His kingdom!
    Sis. Jordan

  2. It looks great! What a transformation! God bless you, and thanks for showing us the progress!
    Jackie M.

  3. What awesome progress! Thanks for sharing. I learned about Jesus in Sunday School, and that knowledge drove me to get saved. It's worth everything to reach the children! God bless, Sis V. Jordan

  4. Awesome job!
    That area looks familiar though :)

  5. Good deal! Can't wait to see it inhabited w/kids!!


  6. Wow! What wonderful progress all the workers have made! Thank you for sharing with all of us, I am so happy for you and your church members.