My New Tatting Friend

Gil Hye is my new friend and we met at a local quilt shop here in my small town. I showed her some of my tatted lace that I have been working on and she asked me if I could show her how to tat (with my very limited skills~) How can I NOT oblige???

We started on basic rings and now we are working on this simple ring bookmark. (top pink) This is Gil Hye's first join. =)

Gil Hye is very excited. =) It is very difficult to teach with the language barrier but she is a very quick learner and learned how to do a ring and the flip the first day. Way cool, eh?



  1. How cool! We have 2 tatting teachers there in Korea now, with you and Sherry! :)

  2. Whoo HOO Lil! Maybe you can bring her to Songtan for 4oclock rock!

  3. You tried to teach me and there was no language barrier. What was my problem? LOL Debbie

  4. Wow Sis you are really good!

    We're not worthy...
    We're not worthy!!!!

    Lots-o-love to you,