CQ~ A Newsletter for Crazy Quilters

Hmmm... I wonder if anyone reads my blog anymore. =)

Does anyone remember the CQ Newsletter? It started out as a magazine and graduated to CD format that was mailed out to subscribers. I have the first 7 issues and 6 CD's (from 2003) with articles, projects and inspiration too~

I have been going through some stuff and have decided to give them away. Instead of doing a random number 'pick' I have decided to do the drawing a bit different. If you would like to recieve them please leave a comment INCLUDING your blog link OR email address telling me why you would like them and I will pick a winner. Please remember to tell me HOW to contact you!


  1. Lillian, I keep up with your blog. I find your life interesting sharing the gospel and interacting with the children.
    As for the CD's, well I enjoy hand embroidery, and always enjoy looking at the creations of others and enjoy learning new techniques.

  2. Hi Lillian! And yes, I still follow your blog - don't feel abandoned. I just don't comment much anymore...It's a "life" thing. LOL.

    I do think often though of my first 'days' learning to embroider and crazy quilt. Yours (Hand Emroidery)was my first group, and also my first swap. Oh my gosh, what a walk down memory lane. LOL.

    I would like to have the CD's also. I'm sure they are just full of wonderful ideas, tips and techniques - who wouldn't want to have them???

    Best wishes to you and yours. Gerry

  3. I pass by here fairly frequently to see if you've posted anything new; we're out here.... ;)

  4. I still look at your blog, too! You're not abandoned!! Are you stitching any lately?

  5. Hi Lil, still lurking and look in to see if you've posted. I'm still a member of both your groups, just don't post much anymore. Bless you for the work you and your husband do. Keeping you in prayer, Deborah in Texas

  6. Hello, by suprise I found your blog. It is so nice to find blogs all over the world. And I can teel you that I visit it oftener. Greetings from Holland and wonderful christmas and a healthy 2010.

  7. Hi Sister!

    Greetings and Salutations from Bro Mike Johnson. I am at Fort Jackson, SC...

    Please give my Hellos to Rev Stevens!


    Bro Johnson

  8. Lil, Hope all is well and your ministry is thriving.

  9. I read your blog, and have always enjoyed it! I am just not one to comment. I have taught crazy quilting for 13 years, but never got a chance to subscribe to the CD magazine you are talking about! I heard about it after they stopped. Would love to have the CD's.

    Val Bothell email pinkbunny@valeriebothell.com