Cotton Crazy Seam using Miss Carole's templates

This is for dd- and is another seam from my vintage 30's crazy quilt- using all cotton fabrics.

She was wondering how to use Carole Sample's templates on the hand embroidery group and I think a pic would do it better justice. That blue thread that is hanging around the colonial knot is pretty irritating, isnt it? =)


  1. What beautiful posts & nice stitches. I use such simple stitches on my pieces, yet try to catch the eye in the arrangement of it. You are teasing me with details!

  2. Lillian that settles it. I must have the templates. Can't you pull out the little piece of blue thread? :O) The stem stitched wavy lines are really lovely. Oh the possibilities I can see already.
    Thanks for posting for it does make it clear now.