Yummy- another cooking class this Monday and it was delicious once again! We made jun, which is an appetizer of various kinds -Korean style.

Sesame seed leaves were the wrapper and filled with a meat/garlic/tofu mixture dipped in flour, egg and fried. Stuffed Mushroom, peppers with filling, shrimp and lotus root were also fried. I had never tried lotus root before, and it has a similarity to deep fried sweet potato, except it is much more starchy. We made a dip that was part soy sauce, a bit of vinegar and a bit of sesame oil.

I think my husband is right. He says I should go to the Korean embassy in Taegu and get a Korean citizenship. I think I belong here! =)


  1. Wow~ They are just looking good~ Though I don't really like lotus. But Jun is one of my favorites.>_< Yummy! Now it's dinner time so your pictures make my mouth water. I have to go to eat something~

  2. Not only do I think you could happily be a Korean citizen, after reading your mouth-watering description of Denjang Chigae, I think you could easily be a citizen of Japan too. :-) Sayonara!

  3. LOL! I know there are other Americans who love Denjang Chigae and say that it reminds them of soul food they eat back home!

    Mouthwatering! Maybe it is an 'acquired' taste but I love it nonetheless!