CQ Failure =(

I have watched Sharon do her 100 stitches for 100 days and I have wanted to participate so badly. (Here is the link if you want to see the original )


Well, last night I put thread to fabric and am definitely not pleased. The herringbone stitch is okay, but Sharon wrapped the stitches with a thick thread and I DON'T HAVE any thick thread! The thickest I have is a pearl 8 and so I decided to wrap twice. My silk CQ is 'beadless' (stitches and lace only) so it really is lacking since the beads are such an integral part of the design. I improvised a bit with the colonial knots. I don't think I will rip the stitching out since it is a small seam and I will press on. I am sure the seam stitchery will get lost amongst all of the other stitches.

Of course human nature wants only to blog your best work- Perturbed but I am defying it and posting this since it is my latest work. Talk about frustrating!

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