Memories of Grandmother's Quilts

I admit it! I am a bit nostalgic...

When I first saw my great grandmothers flower garden quilts I knew that I would one day want to learn how to do something of the sort where I could pass it on. When my grandmother saw how carefully I handled the family quilts she passed them onto me upon her death- including the oldest quilt (my great great grandmothers) which was an applique orange peel quilt . (or variation) She knew they would be well cared for.

I always find myself wondering...Where were they when they pieced these? Were they traveling West when my great grandmother was quilting it? Was it at a difficult time in their life? Who were the quilts intended for? Was it for relaxation or neccesity to make the quilts?

I also often wonder what they would think of my crazy quilting.... Would they think it a thing of beauty or some horrific thing that is pushing the limits of decency and propriety? lol!

I stitch for many reasons. One of those reasons is because I hate to sit idle. I always try to carry something with me when I might have some spare time. Another reason is because I feel a connection to the women in my family, who in an unknown way, passed on the love of needlework even if I never sat down to stitch with them. But one thing is sure, I love the results. I love them not for the reactions of others but for myself.

All of this being said, when I first saw my first featherweight sewing machine I knew I wanted one!!! 12 years later has brought one to me and here is a picture of her. Her name is Julia. I just pieced a crazy quilt block today and she sews like a dream. She is so easy to use and can be threaded in a minute. She is durable and will last a lifetime with proper care. Reasonably priced with a bit of nostalgia thrown in... i love my gem of a featherweight!

Sad to say, the quilt in the background isn't of my ancestry. It is my silk quilt that I have taken a break from as of late. I need to finish it... three more blocks to go.


  1. Does Julia know you named your Featherweight after her? hehehe hahaha

  2. Hi April,

    Yes, she does know! I wanted to give my FW a suitable name. Seeing she was made in Scotland and traveled to France I wanted a name suitable for both- so I named my FW Julia Helene!